About Us

Congregation listening to Pastor Bruce preach

Great worship and Bible teaching times.

Our Vision

Capital Vision Christian Church is a part of God’s expanding movement of hope in the world. We are committed to introducing people to Jesus, encouraging them to grow in a loving relationship with Jesus and others.

Our desire is to be a part of an ever-expanding group of believers that are so in love with Jesus, so accepting of people that we are constantly connecting others with His church. We create growth through worship, prayer, learning and serving together. Our vision is to establish greater love for one another through a network of small groups and combined worship experiences.

Our Values

1.) We Value Biblical Teaching!

Why: Because we continue to see it transform lives.

How: We desire to be rooted in the Truth of God’s Word. We continually look to the Bible for answers, direction, and truth. We use teaching teams at our gatherings for Adults, Children & Youth striving to bring Biblical Teaching to every person on a level they can use in knowing and loving Jesus. We use the Bible as central in a growing network of small groups & Studies. We base all our decisions and values on God’s Word.

2.) We Value Worship & Prayer!

Why: Because we seek the presence of God.

How: We value people regularly experiencing God’s presence as they worship Him with their whole heart and life. We provide various prayer and worship gatherings, using technology and creative, artistic worship elements to communicate God’s love. We are creating an energetic, positive, celebrative, and joyful atmosphere within our church and in the attitudes of people. Times of reflection & repentance are fostered through regular communion celebrations and other reminders of God’s grace. We value a deep and consistent relationship with God through prayer. We are a prayer saturated church through regular teaching on prayer, incorporating prayer into all gatherings, an active prayer ministry, hosting regular prayer meetings & vigils, and by training our leaders to be people of prayer.

3.) We Value Making a Difference!

Why: Because we have been called to a great mission.

How: We desire to build God’s Kingdom through any means we can. We are accomplishing this by encouraging every person to reach out to others that might not know Jesus. We encourage investment in the lives of other people, expecting lives to be changed by knowing Jesus as Savior, following Him in Baptism, and growing in Him as Disciples. We are developing resources & facilities that accommodate a growing group of “Friends & Family” as “Spiritual Seekers” & new believers in Relevant Environments. We are open to change, and being a church that thinks outside the walls of our facilities or borders of our community. We are becoming a church that thinks ever more globally! We desire to make an impact beyond Thurston County by sending people into ministry outside of our community & country, sending generous financial support & other resources to individuals & organizations worldwide, and by helping to plant healthy churches around the world.

4.) We Value Loving Relationships!

Why: Because God values people above all else.

How: We intend to be a church of inviting, authentic, and united community! We desire to develop a depth of relationships that uplifts, unites, and includes new people because “People matter To God”. We enjoy having fun together in all our activities and seek to truly love others and create a priority on people and relationships. We are working to accomplish this through small group ministry, ministry teams, and regular teaching on this value, and by hosting frequent gatherings. We strive to reach beyond racial, cultural, economic or social divisions. We work with other churches that love Jesus.

5.) We Value Children & Youth.

Why: Because we want to see healthy families and communities.

How: Kids are not JUST the church of tomorrow – They are the church TODAY! We aim to be a church of strong and healthy families! We desire to bring a strong emphasis on the God-ordained family life. We place a high priority on ministry to the family, children and young people. We individualize our teaching every week to minister to children & youth on their level.

6.) We Value Innovation and Creativity!

Why: Because it will take everything we are to accomplish our mission.

How: We desire to develop and implement each persons God-given creative potential throughout every area of our church. We want to attract, grow, and involve everyone on their level. We foster an attitude of “Come as you are”. Some of the areas God is working through include: attractive facilities, creative ministries, use of the arts, “outside the box” thinking, innovative design and outreach productions, excellent graphic arts, and a variety of gathering styles, times, and locations, as well as ministries. We seek to use the creative gifts God has given people in music, drama, film, technical arts, and communication styles for accomplishing our mission of… “Loving People To Jesus!”

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