Women’s Ministries

Women's retreat 2013

Women’s retreat 2013

There are many and various ministries that are for the women of CVCC. Ministries such as:


The participants are dedicated to pray for the ladies of CVCC, communicating prayer needs and finding creative ways to involve our women in praying for each other.

For information about the women’s prayer ministry, please call Judy Storey at (360)352-5572.

Bible Study

We offer two women’s Bible study each year – one starting in September and one in January. Currently the September study is in the book of Jonah.

For details contact Ronda Trevis at (360)480-6794.


Our mentoring leader connects the ladies of CVCC to each other and helps find the best fit in each person’s individual needs and place in their Christian walk to best help them grow in Christ.

For more information please call Michelle Merrin at (560)412-2193.


Our hospitality team keeps track of the first baby born in each CVCC familyas well as engaged couples planning their weddings in order to bless them with a “CVCC Shower of Love.” They also work to provide meals that would help people during long term sickness, after surgeries, family crises or deaths.

For information on our hospitality ministry please call Kim Tennant at (360)878-3137


The purpose of our outreach ministry is to find creative ways to reach out ot new ladies attending CVCC making them feel welcomed, loved, and included.

For more information, please call Bev Masuoka at (360)485-8457.

Kitchen Care

The kitchen care team helps keep the kitchen clean and organized and also helps with church meals such as potlucks, CVCC Thanksgivig meals, etc.

For more information about the kitchen care team pleas call Debbie Koepp at (360)259-4814.

Special Ministry Projects

The special ministry team finds ministries for women’s ministries to sponsor and oversee through helping in any way that ministry needs.

For further information please call Sheryl Drake at (208)484-5094.


Once a year the women of CVCC participate in a Fall retreat. They also attend and support the Northwest Christian Women’s Conference held in the Spring at Warm Beach Conference Center in Stanwood, WA.

For information of either the Fall Retreat or the NCW conference, please call Lydia Sanders at (360)402-3365.